Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last Name Ever, First Name Greatest

I just wanted to let you all know that the playlist I posted yesterday was a HIT! Everybody I talked to at work loved it - even people with no vested interest in what was going on. Like, for example, the 40-ish year old packing temp who told me that she was pleased with it because there was a wide array of music. Plus, my boss gave me props for it so that's always good. And as an added bonus, I never had to hear that god-awful Bear vs. Shark song because it never came on when I was in the room.

Anyway, I've been arguing with a lot of people lately about NFL's Pro Bowl and how it has been moved to the week before the Super Bowl, as opposed to the week after - where it has been since its inception. Their main gripe with it is that the players who were voted to the All-Pro teams who play for one of the Super Bowl teams won't participate in the game. While I see that as a valid point, it doesn't diminish the quality of the game. Instead, what diminishes the quality of the game is when you play it a week after the Super Bowl, when nobody gives a shit about football anymore except for that 350-pound guy with the West Valley beard wearing one of those leather jackets with every team's logo sewn on it. Not to mention, the game was played in Hawaii every year in a half-full stadium on fucking artificial turf. All of that, combined with the fact that only about 8 people watched it, made for some unmotivated football and as a result, the Pro Bowl was a bigger snooze fest than a Raiders-Chiefs game in December.

Now, with the game being played a week before the Super Bowl, and at the same site as the Super Bowl, I guarantee you the place will be packed and the ratings will sky rocket - even if Peyton Manning and Brett Favre aren't there pretending to have fun and play hard. Look, the Super Bowl has always needed more big time football-related festivities surrounding it, so I'm all for this, and I'm sure the majority of the NFL's fan base will be as well.

That's all for now. I'm supposed to get the vinyl that I've been waiting for so patiently for a month now. If/when I do, I'll post a picture and review of it.

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