Friday, February 5, 2010

Peyton Manning died in a plane crash...

You bet he did, last night on board United Flight 947 on his way to China for a Kittie and Winds Of Plague show.

Anyway, Nikki and I are starting the process of finishing our basement this weekend. We bought all of the lumber last weekend - along with a new TV, which sucked my slobodan so we took it back and got a Samsung instead. Keep this in mind - only buy Samsung or Sony TV's. Everything else is just a waste of time/money. At the very least, don't buy an Insignia. You get what you pay for. Back to the basement - we hope to have it framed by the end of the weekend so we can run the electrical during the week and get starting on sheet-rocking next weekend. Life is good...I'll post pictures along the way. That's pretty much what I wanted to let y'all in on.

The new Crime In Stereo album leaked, so I'll throw up a review sometime during the next week. Let's just say that it is taking some getting used to, but I think I'll like it after it's all said and done. I'll probably do a review of the Super Bowl, too, though I'm sure I won't end up watching much of it due to the fact that I'll be attending a Super Bowl party. Anybody who has experienced one of those knows that very little football ends up being watched, despite the fact that it's on the TV screen for the entire duration of the gathering.

Welp, see ya later.


  1. please tell me you guys didnt hire someone to do the framing and drywall?

  2. no way, we didn't hire anyone for anything.

  3. Okay good! Because david does that for a living and he's always willing to help friends out. Call us if you need any help!